Foundation Colour Matching Service





Are you shopping in our store online and wondering how you can determine which foundation shade would best match you skin colour?  We can help with that!


For help, please submit as much of the following information as you can to


1. Makeup-free photo(s) of your face in natural light (please include your neck and some of your chest area around the collar of your shirt in the photo if possible).


2. What undertone do you believe your skin to be? Warm (such as golden, yellow, or peach undertones), cool (such as red, pink, or blue undertones), or neutral (mix of warm and cool)?


3. Full name(s) of the foundations you currently use or have used, which you feel have been a good  match for your skin. Please also include the shade name(s).


4. The name(s) of the foundation that you are interested in purchasing on the site.


If you have any questions concerning this service, please contact us at: