About us


Hello and welcome to Dark Elegance Cosmetics! Let me tell you a little about myself to begin with. My name is Saji and I am a Canadian-American of Caribbean background who has recently moved to Australia from the United States of America after graduating with my PhD in molecular biology in 2017.  

I came from a country where it was easy for most people with darker skin to just go down the road to the chemist or a corner beauty store and find inexpensive foundation to match their skin tone. Therefore, it was disconcerting to step into the Australian chemists for the first time and find that the darkest shade available was a beige. It was even more disappointing to discover that in order to find a shade of foundation to match darker skin tones, one had no choice but to go to expensive designer stores and spend at least three times the amount that you would at a chemist.

I decided to help bring about change when it comes to accessibility of cosmetics for fellow darker-skinned people in Australia which is how Dark Elegance Cosmetics was born. Dark Elegance Cosmetics was created to help give deeply and beautifully melanated people the same options and variety that people with light skin get in Australia when it comes to color cosmetics. Everyone should be able to decide whether or not they want to spend a lot of money on makeup.

How does Dark Elegance Cosmetics plan to do this? I will bring well-known makeup brands to you that have been used by people of colour in the United States and Canada for decades. These are household brands that have good reputations and have withstood the test of time. They are the very makeup brands that are stocked in the corner beauty stores, department stores, and chemists all across North America. Now these brands are right here at your fingertips at an affordable price. I will stock brands across all ranges from drugstore makeup, to high end, luxury brands, all at competitive prices.

Not only do I enjoy selling cosmetics, I also enjoy trying out my own recipes for foundations and other color cosmetics. So I do a lot of cosmetic formulation in my spare time.

I am willing to try and source requested products. Just because I do not have a particular product in the store does not mean I cannot source it as I have a number of suppliers that I work with. I am also open to suggestions and welcome your questions. Please feel free to contact me at: contact@darkelegance.com.au